About Us

Laker Software was founded in 2000 by experienced pharmacy claims industry executives with a simple idea:  take advantage of the latest technologies, build a modular and scalable system, and partner with customers to provide the flexibility and reliability necessary to help them win in every segment of the PBM market.

Increased Efficiencies

Not only has the Laker Adjudication system been refined and enhanced over the years with thousands of additions, but we have also developed, with the assistance of our customers, a number of ancillary modules and tools designed to increase efficiencies.  These include Call Center Module, Accounts Receivable Software, Eligibility Maintenance tools, Member and Client Web Portals, Automated Prior Authorization, Web Based Document Archiving, Medicare Part D tools, BtB Switch and others.

Growth and Development

​Due to the flexibility we provide as a technology partner and our unique approach to software development, our customers are able to focus on building their client relationships, rather than managing relationships with their claims processor.  Our philosophy on software development and claims adjudication is simple: Laker grows as our customer's claim volume grows.  It is in the best interest of both Laker and our customer’s to provide changes to the software in a timely and efficient manner to allow for that growth.

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